Who Brought it to Life

"Who brought it to life" is roughly a ten-minute documentary about quality education. It’s hard to believe that we are are in 2017 and still there are people in the world who have no access to quality education because of their severe poverty.

According to the Central Agency for Public ‎Mobilisation and Statistics in Egypt (CAPMAS), 23.7 percent of Egyptians above 15 are illiterate, when compared to a country like Croatia with almost 99 % percent of its population are literate, we needed help.

This documentary follows the genesis of an idea came to a Croatian woman called “Didi” who devoted her life to the field of education to help underprivileged children around the world. She thought Croatia was developed enough and started digging for areas and children who might need her help. On a touristic visit to Egypt to see some friends of hers, she got stumbled by a very poor village called Al Baharwa and was utterly surprised by what this village lacked and she was their for the rescue.

The film’s narrative unfolds through a series of storylines: how Didi came to Egypt, how has she helped the people of Al Baharwa and from whom she asked for help. One kid from Al Baharwa takes us in this journey echoing the rest of Al Baharwa's children feelings, gratitude and compassion towards Didi. We hear the kids share their personal stories, speaking passionately about their hopes and dreams for the future. "Who brought it to life" concludes with showing how Didi and her collaborators enlightened the children of Al Baharwa's path with education; metaphorically and in the children’s words “ They brought them back to life”.

This documentary is produced by The Kamal Adham Center for Television and Digital Journalism at the American University In Cairo under the supervision of TVDJ 5246 course instructor Dr. Hussein Amin

ClassClass 2018
SemesterFall 2017
ProfessorDr. Hussein Amin
  • Hagar Adss
  • Salma Nader Galal
  • TVDJ 5246

Kamal Adham Center Production