On the occasion of its centennial, “This is What Has Come to Be أهو ده اللي صار” showcases contemporary design reflections on the 1919 Egyptian revolution. With a fresh take on history, the selected students’ designs echo their diverse backgrounds and individual perceptions of the events. The art highlights a main feature of the musical legacy around the era -- the colloquial expression that made it accessible to the masses, thus turning art into the ultimate tool of resistance. Report By: Mansourah Kamal Featuring work by: Haidy Helmy Hana Zaher Helen Bakhoum Mariam Ismail Merhan Amer Sarah Azzab Zeina Mansour Curated by: Nagla Samir Assistant Curator: Hania Hindy

What It Has Come To Be – Aho Da Elly Saar

ClassClass 2019

Kamal Adham Center Production